Beatles Isolated Sgt Pepper Reprise Track

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Sgt Peppers Reprise Vocal track

way back before there were digital processors and multitrack workstations there was just a mic, a 4 track recorder and analog mixer – oh yea, and three guys who really had talent.

This is a cut from the Sergeant Peppers Reprise – vocal track only
and as you can hear, they liked to have fun during their takes

Paul McCartney starts off by saying something that’s not understandable, at least not by my ears

Then John Lennon says “bye. . .”

the song then starts as you can hear in the background and then either Paul or George Harrison in a funny voice says “Twist it!”

John: “What?”

Repeat: “Twist it!”

John: ‘Ah! Shake it!” and they start snapping their fingers and such and the singing begins:

We’re Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We hope you have enjoyed the show
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We’re sorry but its time to go.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We’d like to thank you once again,
Sergeant Pepper’s one and only lonely hearts club band,
It’s getting very near the end,
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

John Lennon then says something like: “My God, it kills me. . .”
While George says in rhythm says “Band band band band band”

You can hear the track below:

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My 1st computer was a Commodore Vic 20 in High School – basic programing,  text adventures, casette backup, cool stuff back then. I know I should’ve held out for the extra cash and got a 64 but impatience was my driving force. War Games with Matthew Broderick had just come out so being a geek and hacking computers was starting to get cool. Weird Al was on Dr. Demento, MTV was coming online Grover was playing Yoda in a Star Wars movie and my best friends dad worked at IBM off of 119 in Colorado. He would bring home IBM XT/AT’s and I got learn word processing and basic programming and how to use a single button mouse for the 1st time – talk about weird!

PONG- In the home front there was pong. Some guy in his garage from another state invented this thing that you hooked up to your T.V. and you could play different games with each other.

ATARI – Then came the Atari 2600, cheesy graphics, weird sounds but hours of fun. I quickly learned how to play Space Invaders forever – without dying.

COLECO – Ahh the coleco vision – improved graphics, funner games like DONKEY KONG but still not quite there.

More to come. . .

Carry On My Wayward Son Cover

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A work in progress. . .

GarageBand Project: The Trio (main title)

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Mike and Phil backstage

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Waiting for out cues

Beauty and the Beast 32 track mix

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Using reaper to mix down Saturday the 10th’s night of Beauty and the Beast


The Bet

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Sometime in 1985, after graduating High School, I made a bet with a friend of mine from Colorado, one that I thought he wouldn’t take. I bet him gas money that he wouldn’t go with me to California, in his car, and that I would pay for all the gas and show him around LA. Well, he took that bet and to my surprise we saw ourselves sleeping on in the car one night, on the parking lot of Universal Studios near the Pyscho house.
That friend was Jeff Eastin, writer and creator of White Collar.

Squirrel digging in the front yard

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I got up Sunday morning and opened the front door, which I usually do, and seen this squirrel poking through some freshly sawed trees and then burying food throughout the yard, I thought it was kinda cute.

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Google Maps vs Apple Maps

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Ok, so I’m a bit of a techno geek kind of person so I was able to get my iPhone’s UUID registered and iOS 6 Beta installed on my iPhone 4S, which comes out this fall.
Anyway, when I heard they were ditching google maps for their own version I kinda was like, what? How can you beat google maps and it’s easy to use GPS for directions???

So my wife and I had to take a little trip to Spokane the other day and we decided to test her iPhone w/Google Maps (iOS 5) against my newly installed Apple Maps (iOS6 Beta), ya know, to see which one was easier to follow.

I put in the destination in both iPhones and got to the route screen on both, one thing I we noticed right away was that on the streets on Google Maps, all the one way streets in Spokane had little arrows, which the Apple Maps did not, but everything else was pretty much the same and very easy to follow.

But then on the trip home, I must have hit a different setting on my iPhone because all of the sudden Siri started giving voice directions along with little freeway looking signs on the Apple Maps, we were like- wow, that’s kinda cool. Needless to say we arrived back home safely with Siri telling us about every turn we should make, it was kind of quite actually. We even took a different way home and it re-routed our route to compensate, just because it could!

Now there is another feature that I must mention about Apple Maps, and that’s the 3D feature.
Apple made it so that, for now, there are like 10 different cities you can view in 3D, like a model where you can zoom in and out, twirl , pinch zoom, and tilt up and down, in an out, well, you get the idea.

List of available cities

So after finding this list on a forum somewhere I thought, would we be an interesting place to visit virtually on my 3D Apple Maps- Las Vegas! Screencaps:

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Lead Page added!

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I decided to make a new page called lead practicing

I don’t really use a loop pedal for practicing leads, I usually get something in my head and go record it real fast in GarageBand

This page is the result:

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